The 12th Unmanned (2018):

General Motors and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sponsor and organize AutoDrive challenge, a three-year competition that allows university teams to develop and demonstrate their own autonomous vehicle. The 12th Unmanned Team is Texas A&M's response to the challenge. My team was tasked with building the lane detection algorithms for the first prototype.

Virtual Vibes (2019):

Virtual Vibes takes a passage of text from the user, extracts themes, and constructs a stylized webpage. This tool could be used by textual content creators to rapidly develop a page and display their work. It could also be used by those who simply enjoy reading passages found online. The site is no longer active.

Marooned (2020):

Marooned is a wave-based first person shooter. This project was for CSCE 443 - Game Design. You’re a pirate stranded on an island fighting waves of skeleton enemies attempting to stay alive as long as possible. Each wave gets progressively harder with stronger enemies. As you progress, you can strengthen your arsenal to combat your enemies by collecting treasure and finding power weapons.